Dartball is a game that follows the rules and scoring of baseball, while throwing large wooden darts at a board resembling a baseball field. Our Dartball team plays during fall and winter months and we’ve won a few championship tournaments!  

We’re always looking for new players and we have a lot of fun together!


When  And  Where  Does  This  Group  Meet?

Games are Mondays at 7 PM at various churches in the league. 


How  Do  I  Join  This  Group?

Easy! Just click the 'I'm Interested!' button above. Once we have received your information, we will put you in contact with the team captain.

What  If  I  Have  Other  Questions? 

Please contact the church office by E-MAIL or by phone (414) 421-1670. You may also speak to the team captain, Rudy Miller.