- BIRTH  -  AGE 3 - 


Our newest "members" are placed on a "Cradle Roll" at birth. Through this ministry parents receive a monthly mailing that provides them with resources and encouragement to use at home as their child grows. These resources can include Bible story books, information about the child's spiritual, emotional and physical development and children's music. 

When children reach the age of three, they "graduate" from Cradle Roll and are invited to join the three-year-old Sunday School class. To mark this milestone, Cradle Roll graduates' names are listed in our monthly newsletter and students are prayed for during worship. Prior to starting Sunday School, the three-year-old  receives a storybook Bible during a home visit by either Pastor or Director of Youth and Family Ministry, Heather May.  

CLICK HERE to view a 'just for parents' page. This features child developmental information and resources to answer hard faith questions.

Want to sign a child up for our Cradle Roll?   Click the 'Register Now' button above. 

If you have any questions about Cradle Roll, please call the church office at (414) 421-1670 to speak with Heather May, or E-MAIL her.