We believe every faith journey is strengthened by education. Our education programs are designed to give you the tools you need to grow in your knowledge during the various stages of your life.  

  • CRADLE  ROLL - - (birth - 3 years old) 

    This is the first step to growing the faith of your child. St. Luke's provides you with insight and materials to help you do so.  

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  • Children's  ministry - - (3 years old - 5th grade)

    We are passionate in teaching children how to grow in their faith through Sunday School and other activities throughout the year. We provide educational programs, events, and insight for parents.  

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  • middle  school  ministry - - (6th - 8th  grade)

    Students begin confirmation with the goal of deepening their faith even more. Our Confirmation Classes along with a variety of activities and trips are designed to build friendship and strengthen a relationship with Jesus Christ.  

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  • high  school  ministry  - - (9th - 12th grade) 

    Students will affirm their baptism (they are confirmed in 9th grade) and become part of our youth group, Synergy. This group provides support to high school students with faith-centered discussions that are fun and engaging, while teaching each other how to put our faith into action.  As a youth group we participate in local service opportunities and life-changing mission trips.

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  • adult  ministry

    Religious education/Bible studies are offered to adults through different platforms. From Bible studies between worship services to discussion groups in the backyard around a campfire, we learn and grow together as disciples of Jesus Christ. 

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    Each child develops different, however each developmental milestone gives a general idea of the changes to expect as a child gets older. This page features a few links to help parents/guardians in this process. 

    At times a child can ask a hard faith question that adults have a hard time answering. We have provided you with resources on how to answer some of these questions.