This group gets together to knit and crochet prayer shawls, lap blankets, baptismal blankets, and wedding throws.  They welcome anyone who knows how to knit and crochet or wishes to learn!


When  And  Where  Does  This  Group  Meet?

Subsequent to the suspension of meetings during the pandemic, the group will resume gathering on April 23, 2022 (the fourth Saturday). Following that, monthly meetings from May through November will resume on the third Saturday of each month. We hope to see you there! 

Where  Do  The  Finished  Items  Go? 

Prayer Shawls and lap blankets are donated to Ascension Hospitals for distribution to patients and families. A few are also available near the Welcome Center to take and enjoy. Baptismal blankets are given to those baptized at St. Luke's, and wedding throws are given to couples who marry at St. Luke's .  


How  Do  I  Join  This  Group?

Easy! Just click the 'I'm Interested!' button above, or simply show up to a  Once we have received your information, we will put you in contact with the group coordinator. You may also simply show up to a gathering. 


What  If  I  Have  Other  Questions?

Please contact the church office by E-MAIL or by phone (414) 421-1670. You may also speak to the group coordinator, Cate Makarewicz.