7 "Sermon Projects"- - All projects should relate to the sermon/message for the day and should include the student's name, the date of the sermon, and the biblical text. Projects should be of the students' own creation using the gifts and talents they feel most comfortable with to express themselves about how the sermon related to them and their own faith journey. Be creative and have fun. Some examples include: 

                         -  ART:  Drawings; collages using photos, pictures and words from magazines or newspapers, or  

                                         other items; posters; paintings; craft project. On all artwork, please include a two or three  

                                         sentence  comment on how the art relates tot he message.  

                      -  WRITING:   A brief essay; poetry; a story; sermon notes (CLICK HERE for a form, Also located  

                                                    above);  a skit that could be performed with other students; a song

                      -  TECH:   A PowerPoint presentation of images/pictures/texts; an iPod medley of songs that relate to

                                          the sermon's message; a "web page' - a one page computer screen that would look like a web  

                                          page with "links" or images appropriate to the message of the sermon (perhaps 2-3 sermons                                              could be combined for something like this). 

7 "Worship Participation" - - Participate in worship in any way. Some examples include: acolyte (lighting the candles), reader, usher, sharing your musical talent, helping run the worship PowerPoint. When you have participated, fill out a form CLICK HERE (or find it located above) to tell us what you did and what you enjoyed most about it. Forms can be found behind the upstairs welcome center as well. 

7 "Service Projects" - - You can count what we do as a class as service projects. When one is complete remember to fill out a form  CLICK HERE (or find it located above), or paper copies can be found behind the upstairs welcome center.